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Various Indian Breakfast Recipe

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 14, 2015 | Category : Breakfast, Recipes

Indian breakfast recipe hindia

Indian breakfast recipe that you must know in order to carry out the activities you stay energized all day and stay focused because your body needs are met. Breakfast is actually not recommended too much because if you breakfast a lot then you will tend to feel sleepy so important sugary breakfast. Sugar is very important because that is the energy needed by our body.

Indian breakfast recipe hindia

Now I will discuss about indian breakfast recipe that you must know. Oats Idli made from wheat that will make you not feel too full. Dal Ka Paratha similar omelet but with added spices and vegetables in it. Methi Ka Thepla a typical Indian flat bread that uses garlic and yogurt. Moong dal cheela kind of food is also equipped with a fried egg with butter citasa above will increase your food. For example Pav which is a traditional cuisine and cuisine rich in vegetables is good for your health. Sali Par Edu made of potatoes and eggs that have proteins that are needed by our body. Even more typical Indian breakfast menu which of course has a lot of protein and nutrients too much.

So that I can say may be useful for those of you who are confused with your breakfast menu. Here’s what I wrote this time is about indian breakfast recipe.

Indian breakfast recipe

Indian breakfast recipe hindi

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