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: Indian Veg Recipes in Hindi by Sajeev Kapoor

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 1, 2015 | Category : Recipes

indian veg recipes in hindi

Indian veg recipes in Hindi this time are about a recipe from a very famous chef is Sajeev Kapoor. This recipe is very simple so that you can cook your own home. In addition, this recipe is suitable for those of you who do not eat meat because all the ingredients of the dishes that we will create contain vegetables that are rich in fiber. Now I will discuss how to create and materials that you have to prepare.

indian veg recipes in hindi pdf

indian veg recipes in hindi

Paneer Tikka This problem is food that I will make. First prepare the laughter then fried premises little oil. Vegetables that can be used are such as peppers, onion and garlic. All ingredients are stir-fried until golden. Prepare a bowl and input bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves and some pepper and puree and add the onion that has been smoothed and garlic that has been crushed as well. If you are happy with the spicy flavor should add the green chilies and ginger which has also been refined. When all has been smooth add ice to taste does not forget to enter curry powder and tomato powder and we have had roaster also input into the bowl. Stir until all mixed and ornamental. And it’s ready to serve. These are dishes that do not contain meat that is Indian veg recipes in Hindi.

indian veg recipes

So that I can I discuss this time if you are wrong in my writing apologize profusely and this is what can I say about Indian veg recipes in Hindi.

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