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The Secret of Authentic Indian Chicken

authentic Indian chicken
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Authentic Indian chicken curry recipe made from very simple materials. Many people make the curry recipe and lead to failure because they do not know how to make a proper curry. Sure they will get a delicious curry if they know the correct way to mix all the ingredients. Even you and I have the same ingredients and seasonings to make a curry, but results presented can be different, since it is different. Here’s what you need to consider in making curry.

authentic indian chicken curry recipe

In making authentic Indian chicken curry recipe, there are some herbs that you need to prepare in order to become more palatable curry flavor.

authentic indian chicken korma recipe

  • Coconut milk

This is a very essential ingredient. To make a delicious curry sauce, you have to use coconut milk. All kinds of spices will blend perfectly with coconut milk and curry sauce made more savory.

  • Yoghurt

Yoghurt is not a material that comes from India. But if you want to create other flavors, you can use yogurt.

  • Ginger and Garlic

Both of these materials are also very important because it affects the taste and aroma. To add to the curry fragrant you can add cinnamon leaves to make authentic Indian chicken curry recipe.

authentic Indian chicken

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