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Quick and Easy Recipes for Breakfast

quick and easy recipes for kids
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Quick and easy recipes are the answer for those of you who only have limited time to prepare breakfast. Breakfast only use butter bread or toast every days indeed faster than have to cook something. But both these recipes would be boring if consumed every day.

 quick and easy recipes for kids

Quick and easy recipes are not hard to find. Rework bread or ham or eggs can be a recipe for a fast food breakfast. Processed material – material was also able to break the boredom of the food will be grilled bread jam or marmalade. Here are some things you do with bread, ham, or eggs:

  1. Bread

Bread commonly used for breakfast sandwiches can be transformed into healthy. Sandwiches can contain some variation of the following:

  1. Vegetable and ham
  2. Vegetables, ham and cheese
  3. Vegetables and eggs
  4. Vegetables, eggs and cheese

Vegetables that can be used just enough lettuce and tomato. If there is a cucumber can be added.

2 Eggs

You’ve got eggs? You can make a breakfast of scrambled egg or omelet. Scramble egg or better known as scrambled eggs – scrambled. Very easy to make, scrambled eggs can add small pieces of vegetables such as potatoes or carrots. Or if you have sausage ads diced sausage. Seasoning is needed only salt and pepper. Time makes it to 5 minutes.

Or if you’re too lazy to make scrambled egg breakfast of omelets, the menu can also be tried. Omelets with ham mixture are healthy and easy breakfast to make.

3 Flour

You can make pancakes, making pancakes is not difficult and does not require a long time. Pancakes only require materials such as liquid milk, flour, eggs and salt. Dough material – material was poured into a Teflon pan, in less than 3 minutes the pancakes can be cooked.

quick and easy recipes

All three quick and easy recipes you can try to be your breakfast menu. Quick and easy recipes for breakfast could use all the available foodstuffs.

quick and easy recipes for two

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