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Indian Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Indian vegetarian soup
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Indian vegetarian soup recipes this time I will discuss is a recipe that is perfect for those of you who want to have a healthy body and free of cholesterol. Vegetables contained in this recipe many vitamins are very useful for our body. So you should start now you have a lot of foods like this.

Indian vegetarian soup

Indian vegetarian soup recipes that I will discuss this time and the first time you need to prepare is 1 piece Potato, Tomato 5 pieces, 3 garlic, ½ inch ginger, 2 tablespoons tomato puree, 1 ½ tablespoons olive oil, basil leaves, ½ chili powder, salt and pepper. How to make tomato and basil recipe is chopped onions, tomatoes, potatoes and then sauté onion until fragrant basil leaves. Then add the potatoes and let stand until boiling water when it boils you should add the tomato and potato puree and cook until no hard then input mint leaves and add seasonings are like pepper and salt. Cuisine that you created has been completed and is ready to be served.

Indian vegetarian soup recipe

So that you can know they hope to increase your knowledge about Indian cuisine is healthy and free of cholesterol. Here’s what I can say about Indian vegetarian soup recipes.

Indian vegetarian soup recipes

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