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Indian Fast Food Recipes It Suitable for Drinking Tea

Indian fast food recipes
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Indian fast food recipes indeed have a different taste with fast food from other regions. Also different ways of cooking with cooking fast food other regions. India as a country rich in culinary offer some fast food that you usually try yourself at home.

 Indian fast food recipes
One Indian fast food recipes that you can make yourself at home is Papdi. Papdi at first glance has a shape similar to crackers. However the food is very different from the crackers. The main ingredient of this dish is wheat flour. Some have tried to use rye flour. For those of you who are curious about the following is the complete recipe. Quite a few ingredients to make it:

Indian fast food recipe

The main ingredients you need:
1 cup whole wheat flour is low in calories
1 tsp carom seeds
cooking oil to taste
salt to taste
Indian fast food recipes tasty
How to cook:
a. Combine flour, salt and carom seeds. Mix until evenly distributed.
b. Once the flour and other ingredients mixed, add water little by little.
c. Knead until the dough until completely – completely smooth. No water in the batter.
d. After-intensive dough feels good. Milled noodle dough with a grinder. Shape up to a thickness of about two mille. Do this for all the dough.
e. If you already use a ring-shaped sheet of the printer to print out the dough into a circle shape.
f. Once ready prick – prick the dough all surfaces.
g. Papdi fry until golden tendon.
h. Drain and serve as a snack food.

Papdi are sold as fast food in front of the school in the area of India. But this dish is also made by the mother as a mid-afternoon snack. Crunchy texture makes this food more suitable for use as a meal together with tea or coffee. For those of you who want to try Indian fast food recipes this one you can make modifications by adding some other spices such as vanilla powder or cinnamon powder to give a different flavor to Papdi. Try to use good cooking oil instead of used cooking oil because the results would be very different flavor.

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