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Curry Plus Yogurt in South Indian Food

South Indian Food for dinner
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South Indian Food is characterized by the use of livestock dairy products, like milk, paneer, cumin oil, and yogurt. A number of North Indian cuisine is derived from the Islamic invasion period, for example kebab. Cuisine Pakistani and North Indian cuisine is similar because they both have the same culture and history.

 South Indian Food for dinner

Staple food of most of the population of North India are lentils and various types of bread from wheat flour. Cooler climate in the north and dry making it ideal for growing wheat. Various types of pickles (achar) as murabba eaten as a complementary side dish. Thick sauce on food products derived from dairy cattle. Chili, Saffron, and legumes commonly used in South Indian Food. In North India, the baking of bread and paratha wear cookware called laughter (iron plate). Cylindrical oven called a tandoor is used for baking bread such as naan and kulcha, and tandoori chicken. Other types of bread such as the castle and bhatoora fried in a frying pan with cooking oil which is a lot. Mutton and lamb highly favored people of North India.

 South Indian Food

South Indian Food in the restaurant like Spices of India presents a curry that is not too spicy, soft yogurt-based dishes, tandoori dish cooked in a tandoori or clay oven, soft naan bread, lentils, desserts and milk-based sweets.

South Indian

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