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Cooking Delicious Recipes in Hindi

cooking recipes
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Cooking recipes in Hindi is one of the dishes are worth a try. If you are accustomed to eating Indonesian cuisine is rich in spices, the cuisine of India is also the same. Indian cuisine is famous for its various spices used to marinade. Yellow broth and coconut milk is also another hallmark of India. Simple food in India will use a variety of spices that is ready to shake up the tongue.

cooking recipes

cooking recipes in Hindi is about of snack food that comes from the State or food suitable for a main meal in a dish lunch or dinner. Here is a dish that is worth a try to be cooked:

  1. Bread appam India

Bread appam is a light dish that is usually used for breakfast but can also be used as a snack. The shape is similar to appam pancakes but white. Sometimes it is equipped with toppings such as chunks of smoked chicken, egg or cheese Indian. Appam can be eaten with curry sauce.

2. bread parata

Parata bread actually has similarities with maryam bread, but make no mistake right both still have differences. Bread parata usually rolled widths. Bread parata thin it is more appropriate parata eaten in the form of rolls. Eating the most delicious parata with curry sauce or the chicken curry is a delicious way to enjoy it.

3. chicken briyani

Chicken briyani is one of cooking recipes in Hindi that must be tried. Chicken briyani rice is eaten with K.; K. rice is derived from the original Indian rice Basmati rice. K. Rice was given a special seasoning. Chicken briyani is rich in spices – spices that make sense also slightly spicy on the rice and chicken.

cooking recipes wow

Third recipe cooking recipes in Hindi which is usually eaten in India you can try. Distinctive flavor of India will you get the last of the three dishes. Bread and bakery parata appam is cooking recipes in Hindi which is usually used for breakfast. Chicken briyani itself can be eaten as dinner or lunch.

cooking recipes for kids

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