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healthy diet for Life

By : | 0 Comments | On : October 4, 2014 | Category : Healthy Meal

a healthy diet

A healthy diet into a lifestyle in modern people. The food is organic and free of preservatives, becoming one part to go on a diet. Healthy food is also one option to maintain health in order to live free from preservatives. A healthy diet also helps in keeping the weight to keep it proportional.

a healthy diet

A healthy diet does not have to use the product – a product at high prices. Products – products that can be easily found in the market can also be a healthy diet menu. Healthy diet refers to processed food – fresh food that does not go through the process of preservation. Some foods that can use to a healthy diet are:

1 Apple

Apples are fruits that contain lots of fiber. This fruit is used to combat cholesterol and bad fats. Apples also have quecertin, plavanoid that can prevent cancer. The fruit is also rich in vitamin C.

2 Almonds

Almonds contain a lot of fiber and protein. Nuts are also great because it contains iron, magnesium and vitamin E. Eating raw almonds that still would be better than the processed almonds. Because usually processed almonds with sugar added.

3 Blueberries

The fruit is rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. The fruit is also very fresh to add to yogurts, cereals and salads.

  1. Spinach

Foods are made from spinach is very good for the diet. Spinach contains iron, magnesium and vitamins a and c.

  1. Kidney beans

Red bean soup very delicious to be made or the wrong diet. Kidney beans are very suitable for the diet because it contains fiber, protein, substances, phosphorus and magnesium. Additionally beans – legumes also contain a number of minerals and vitamins are good for the body.

a healthy diet plan to lose weight

Preparations of fruit – fruits, vegetables and grains – grains had been able to be a healthy diet menu. A healthy diet does not always have to wear the high-priced food. Food found in markets can be processed into a healthy diet.

a healthy diet to lose weight

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