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Food Nusa Dua Bali

By : | 0 Comments | On : October 9, 2014 | Category : Bali

bali food nusa dua

Bali food Nusa Dua is a five-star restaurant area which provides a variety of foods with the taste intentional. A variety of cuisines ranging processed food in the country to international food available in this area. The cuisine in this area is already well known for its flavor.

bali food nusa dua

Bali food Nusa Dua is perfect for dinner, lunch or romantic dinner for couple. Some famous restaurants such as blue Banyu restaurant offer dishes and Asia. The cuisine provided is food preparations with a basis of ingredients – fresh ingredients. Cuisine of India, China, and Japan is a mainstay of the cuisine at this restaurant. ERPO dishes such as steak also processed properly so as to give satisfaction when enjoying it.

balinese food nusa dua

In addition there are also restaurant cornerstone Banyubiru providing food with refined taste intentional Indonesia yet. Indonesian food menu such as chicken curry, fried rice, fried noodles and sweet and sour chicken dish is the main menu for this restaurant. Other dishes are prepared German pork knuckle, slow roasted beef rump, ocean prawns risotto, frikadeller, Indian lamb curry, and thigh chicken barbeque. There is also a menu of pizzas with various toppings, sushi, and sashimi are delicious. Steak with various levels of cooked. Side very delicious flavor will be ready to satisfy the taste of Bali food Nusa Dua.

best balinese food nusa dua

If you are lazy to eat a heavy meal you can visit the beach restaurant delights. Here a wide variety of available foods that will not make your stomach full immediately. There are pizzas with various toppings such as vegetarian toppings and meat and mushrooms topping. Also available is a variety of salads and appetizers. Burger and sandwich menu can also found in this restaurant, such as chicken burgers, club sandwich, spicy Arabic bites and grilled Panini of the day.

So many foods are available in Nusa Dua area of Bali. All can be tailored to the needs and taste that you want to try. Bali food Nusa Dua always offers a variety of food with an international flavor that will not disappoint.

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