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Beetroot recipes Indian Vegetarian Is Good for You

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 14, 2015 | Category : Recipes

beetroot recipes indian salads

Beetroot recipes Indian that this time you will make and the cuisine is much favored dishes at lunch or when there is a party. This food has a beautiful color is red because the food is made from fruit bits. Bit fruit is good for health and it is a recipe from this fruit.

beetroot recipes indian salads

First of all prepare 1 kg beet, potatoes ½ kg, salt, garlic ½ kg, green chilies, cilantro, ginger, water, mango powder and oil. How to cook beetroot recipes Indian is the first you have to wash the fruit bits to clean then puree in a blender until it is clean. Destroyed after using salt dough mix then onions, green chili, ginger and onion in a blender and puree also mix it into the dough. Take water from the fruit bits that add color to your food. Form the dough into small balls and input into the fridge. If you will enter into the fridge do not forget to close the dough with plastic to use airtight. Fried it in hot oil and serve while still warm.

So that I can say this time may be useful for those of you who love to cook Indian cuisine. Here’s what I can say about beetroot recipes Indian.

beetroot recipes indian

beetroot recipes indian youtube

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