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Vegetarian Indian Desserts Recipe

Indian desserts recipe
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Indian desserts recipe for vegan will make a meal you become healthier. Many people want to always consume healthy foods, but they always choose the wrong foods. So far you do not always consume foods that have a lot of high fat, maybe you can change your diet to a more healthy. It may not change your entire diet, but can perform slowly. The trick is to eat healthy vegetarian food.

Indian desserts recipe

You can begin to create a recipe for vegetarian indian desserts recipe that healthier because it is made from vegetables.

indian desserts recipes easy

  • Almond Brittle

This is a recipe that is very tasty dessert. Many people love this recipe because it is very sweet foods. Coupled with savory almonds pieces, you can consume these foods anytime.

  • Apple Crumb Pie

If you like apple pie, you can also make it with prescription india. The way to crush the apples so as bread crumbs and mix with a variety of dough that will make this food will taste better.

  • Balushahi

It is a very popular dessert in india. Many people call it the donut india. However, this cake does not have a hole in the middle like a donut in general, but this is delicious indian desserts recipe.

indian desserts recipes

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