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Vegetable Quiche from Food Recipe

food recipes for kids
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Food recipe is collection of recipes in a website. This website will give you good recipes to try at your kitchen. There are a thousand recipes you can get in Food Recipe. So, no need to be confused with what will you makes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. By food recipe you can get so many recipes start from easy and simple recipes until the complicated one. Now, let’s try one of recipe that has been released by Food Recipe. It is Vegetable Quiche. Vegetable Quiche is a healthy dishes that using vegetable for the filling of quiche. This dish will give you an unforgettable taste and healthy feeling. But don’t worry; it isn’t difficult to get vegetable quiche on your plate.

food recipes for kids

If you want to try this recipe, first you have to get some ingredients. Food recipe also give us the list of ingredients and tell us the method to cook. For the dough, you need to prepare unsalted butter, egg, refined flour, and salt. Then for the filling you have to prepare diced mushroom, diced spinach, red bell peppers, green capsicum, and mozzarella cheese. Then for the custard you need to prepare cooking cream, whole egg, and salt. The first step beats egg with soft butter only to mix. Add refined flour and salt to it and mix well with a beater to make dough. Then you can dust the work table with flour and roll the dough using quiche mold cut it into round shape, remember to cut a bit bigger than the mold size. Grease the mold and spread the rolled dough on it compressing from all sides. In a bowl, add diced mushrooms, spinach, red capsicum, green capsicum, yellow capsicum, and mozzarella cheese, and mix well. When the base is ready, you can put the above vegetable mixture in it. To make custard, add eggs and salt and beat it in a bowl. Now you can pour this custard on vegetables and seal the quiche. The final step, bake in a pre-heated oven at 200°C for 25-30 minutes.

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Not only Vegetable Quiche, you also can get more recipes at foodfood.com. Just type what kind of food you want and the recipe will shown. So, no need to wait, let’s work at your kitchen and try so many recipes from food recipes.

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