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Various Processed Food by Frying

stir fry recipes
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Stir fry recipes or cooking by frying. Cooking by frying does have tremendous appeal. Although eating fried foods have a high fat content but still popular. Cuisine with fried car also be a better choice because it is easy, living alone then it is so fried delicious food menu.

stir fry recipes

Stir fry recipes of the most popular is processed tofu, tempeh, fish and chicken. The fourth ingredient was when fried with a little added spice has changed to a delicious cuisine. Examples of onions fried, it is commonly encountered in the market just cut – cut and covered with onions and spices plus salt. After that briefly silenced and then fried. Mature and has changed into fried dishes are very popular with the public. Even preparations had been changed into side dish favored by many circles. We encounter other that often with stir fry recipes.

1 Tepo Tofu

Commonly known Tepo tofu is known as gravy. Tepo know have to know the basic ingredients are fried with egg smeared or covered with egg and mixed with a refreshing sauce gravy. Tepo know be refined cuisine fried tofu very warm the body.

2 balls – balls out sweet and sour sauce

Boas with just ordinary fried tofu fried with garlic seasoning. So recipes balls – balls out the sauce can be tried. Know which usually cooked mashed white and in shape the ball – the ball. In addition to the ball – the ball out could be vegetables or minced meat. Just a marinade of garlic, pepper and salt. Ball – the ball fried until cooked and served with sweet and sour sauce.

 stir fry recipes chicken

Processed foods by frying do have own value. Just fried or stir fry has become a tasty snack and side dish. Stir fry recipes do not require a long time to make. With certain commonly used food ingredients treated simply with fried processed foods can be delicious.

stir fry recipes beef

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