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Indian Food Recipes Commonly Known As Indian Food

indian food recipes easy
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Indian food recipes are now beginning to have a lot of fans outside the territory of India. Population of the country – other countries began to love the cuisine of India is rich in spices. Indian cuisine is famous for curry began to be included in the list of restaurant menus – Indian restaurant. Actually India is not always synonymous with curry dishes. Other Indian food recipes are still there. Indian cuisine is also simple and can be tried at home.

 indian food recipes easy

Indian food recipes do have a distinctive flavor, the seasoning strength. To enjoy Indian cuisine you do not need to visit India restaurant. Some simple Indian dishes you can try for yourself at home. Indian food recipes you can make at home include:

indian food recipes

1 Easy veggie samosas

Samosa is the most famous Indian foods. These foods are also sometimes made ​​to serve meals. These foods can also be used as appetizers. Samosa triangular food contains vegetables. Stuffing of samosas can be modified according to taste, for vegetarian stuffing beans – beans and mushrooms could be an option.

2 Chicken Biryani

This dish is the main food in an Indian dish at a famous Indian cuisine restaurant with rich in spices. Combined the savory rice and chicken biryani is tasty also makes this dish truly delicious. It is not too difficult to make it.

3 Fruit Lassi

The desserts that you can make yourself are a fruit lassi. Fruit lassi is a dessert juice. This drink is probably more like a typical India smoothie but still has. This drink consists of yogurt, milk, almonds, mango, banana, and rose water. All these ingredients are mixed in a way in blander. Do not forget to add ice to make it feel fresh.

indian food recipes with pictures

Third Indian foods recipes are dishes containing appetizers, main dishes and desserts you can try at home. There are still a lot of Indian food recipes that you can try at home with ease.

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