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Indian Appam Suitable for Breakfast

breakfast recipes without eggs
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Breakfast recipes Indian can actually be found easily on various sites of Indian cuisine. India itself as a country rich diet has so many food menu suitable for use as a breakfast menu as Indian tea, Indian tea tarik, or paratha. But beyond the menu – the menu was also there one more menu is worth a try as a breakfast menu that is Appam. Appam itself does have a shape that is almost similar to Apem Indonesian food. But the taste of the food is still different.

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Appam is one of the breakfast recipes Indian offered at the hotel – a hotel or tavern – Indian food stalls. Appam is usually consumed by the society of India and also Sri Lanka. If you caught a glimpse of this food, it will look similar to the shape of food pancakes, Java pancake. Appam could be eaten with toppings – certain toppings. Toping that is sometimes used is egg, cheese or chicken pieces. Eating it was almost the same as eating a pizza can use a sauce or chili or Indian curry sauce.

breakfast recipes without eggs

Breakfast recipes Indian this one is quite difficult to find. Actually, to make this recipe is not too difficult. Do not worry for those of you who are curious, here is the recipe of appam:


  1. 2 cups rice, soaked overnight
  2. ½ cup grated coconut, finely
  3. 3-4 glasses of plain water
  4. ½ cup hot water
  5. salt to taste

How to cook:

  1. Puree rice that has been soaked (milling only). Mix the rice flour was with grated coconut, add water little by little. Add hot water earlier, add enough to work on. Stir until completely – completely flat.
  2. Pour the batter over the Teflon, if you want to give the topping place the toppings before appam started hard surfaces.
  3. To use the eat curry sauce.

Looking at the basic ingredients and how to make breakfast recipes Indian menu earlier, it would not be difficult to try yourself. Appam not tend to have a sweet savory taste like pancakes.

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