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healthy snacks recipes

healthy snacks recipes for toddlers
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Healthy snacks recipes to be the answer for those of you who would love to eat snacks but are reluctant to have the weight of terrible. Healthy snacks recipes also are one of the good lifestyle. Do not eat contain too much fat, cholesterol and sugar.

healthy snacks recipes

Healthy snacks food recipes should not be difficult to make. Some healthy snack can be made ​​easily. Materials – materials needed to be found easily to make.

  1. Nugget shrimp and vegetables is one of the healthy snacks recipes. The cuisine is rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients that are good for the body. Shrimp and vegetable nuggets made ​​of shrimp, carrots, flour, onion, celery, and eggs. This is as easy to make chicken nuggets.
  2. Pastel mini shredded contents can also be a healthy option snacks recipes. This dish containing flour, eggs, margarine, salt, water and its contents are shredded chicken or beef.
  3. Chocolate Cookies can be made ​​with ease. Chocolate cookies with cranberries will make additional cookies more delicious. These cookies made ​​from flour, sugar, palm, salt. Baking powder, unsalted butter, vanilla paste, eggs and cranberries are additional courses.
  4. Small “Onde-Onde Ketawa”. Onde-onde has no content. Onde-onde will be broke when fried, making it very similar to the laugh. Onde-onde is also very crisp and crunch. Onde-onde is made from wheat flour, sugar, water, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, cooking oil and sesame seed thereof is.
  5. Banana grilled cheese and strawberry, this meal is perfect for a snack in the afternoon, or snack when friends gather together at your home. To make this meal was not too difficult. Materials to be prepared is bananas, cheese, sweetened condensed milk, butter and are complementary strawberries, powdered sugar, chocolate, and a small candy – small.

healthy snacks recipes for toddlers

Healthy snack recipes healthy snacks earlier are some recipes that could be made ​​he and is healthy. There are no preservatives in these healthy snacks recipes.

healthy snacks recipes indian

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