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Fast Food Recipes

fast food recipes book
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Fast food recipes food recipe is one that has quite a lot of fans. Although fast food does not have much nutritional value but it is still favored by many. It tastes delicious and does not need a long time of manufacture and do not require a long time to wait. Be another reason for people choosing fast food.

fast food recipes

Fast food is usually processed recipes fried like fried chicken and burgers. Fast food is not fried does exist but are rare. Here are a few fast food recipes are much loved by the community:

1 Burger

Burger is an option that has been chosen people. The burgers can be made ​​using ham meat available in supermarkets if lazy to make their own hamburger meat. Beside ham, stuffing another burger is cheese, cucumber, tomato and pepper. Do not forget to add mayonnaise, ketchup or chili sauce. The stuffing was arranged between two burger patties and ready to be enjoyed. The burgers can also be used to replace eggs ham as its contents.

2 Fried Chicken

Kentucky chicken fried chicken fast food is excellent. Chicken that looks like chicken of California has a lot of fans. To make chicken like that is needed is a chicken as a main ingredient, flour and eggs. As the ingredients are pepper, salt, soda, cornstarch, pepper, garlic and chicken broth. To make the chicken Kentucky chicken covered first with pepper seasoning, salt, and garlic. Then dip the chicken in the coating liquid contains of mix eggs, pepper, salt, baking soda, powder, cold water, and maizena. Then it is wrapped with a dry coating mixture powder flour, cornstarch, baking soda, and garlic. Then fry.

fast food recipes book

Both fast food recipes were just part of the fast food recipes available and known to the public. Both fast food recipes have had the most fans rate compared to other fast food. Although fast food is food that is delicious, but do not consume food with fast food recipe every day.

fast food recipes in urdu

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