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Easy Vegetarian Recipes

easy vegetarian recipes for two
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Easy vegetarian recipes are more favored by vegetarians who are not too smart cooking. -Many vegetarian dishes difficult to make yourself at home. Not many recipes source of this food preparations. The vegetarian food is actually very good for your health and for the diet this dish will not derail your diet.

  easy vegetarian recipes for two

Easy vegetarian recipes that you can make yourself generally materials – based materials can be found easily in the market or supermarket. Spices are used is not too difficult to find. Kimlo soup is one of the vegetarian dishes that can be made ​​easily. This soup is a dish that originated from Palembang. This dish has a very distinctive oriental flavor. Broth were used for this soup is vegetable broth. This soup containing vegetables such as young peas, leeks, celery and mushrooms. And eggs also are added to these foods.

easy vegetarian recipes

Easy vegetarian recipes steak is known other vegetarians. Tofu can be transformed into such meat suitable for cooking steak. When making steaks know it takes 2 pieces of tofu, eggs, 1 ounce flour bread, green beans boiled 5, 2 pieces of potato were cut – cut and fried, 1 carrot cut – cut and boiled. Panjri Pineapple, this dish certainly has a main ingredient of pineapple. This dish has a sour sweet taste that fresh. The flavor was produced from pineapple fruit acid. Materials needed for this dish is the pineapple, onion, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, and cayenne, salt and cooking oil. If you want to eat an omelet then you can try the omelet sprouts. This meal is perfect for the breakfast menu. Sprouts are used as the base material can be found easily in the market. To make this dish needed potatoes, bean sprouts, onion, egg, salt. Pepper, cooking oil and non-cholesterol.

easy vegetarian recipes for dinner

Easy vegetarian recipes are vegetarian menu was basic ingredients can be found easily in the market. Without having to search hard – hard. It is an easy way to make easy vegetarian recipes.

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