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Delicious Chinese Food

chinese food
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Chinese food recipes is that most international food recipes food recipes than from other countries. Chinese food recipes prepared in some restaurant china that exist in various parts of the world. Chinese food recipes themselves have some kind of easy recipes prepared at home, without having to restaurant.

chinese food

simple Chinese food recipes can be easily made at home. Recipe – This recipe does not require seasoning home – a complex seasoning. In general seasoning simple Chinese food recipes can be found in the market or supermarket. Here are Chinese food recipes that can be made at home:

  1. cap cay

Cap cay current generally has undergone various additions blend. Cap cay can be cap cay or cap cay fried gravy. Vegetables – vegetables used can be found easily in the market. Vegetables used to cap cay include chicory, mustard greens, and carrots. While the source of protein that is used to mix include chicken, shrimp, and egg.

2. chicken Kuluyuk

Chicken kuluyuk has the basic ingredients of chicken fillet meat. The chicken fillet wrapped with flour mixture and fried egg. This chicken is eaten with a special sauce that the chicken kuluyuk away from tomato sauce, sugar, soy sauce English, lime juice, sesame oil and a little chicken broth. Stir in chicken kuluyuk pineapple, carrots, red peppers and green peppers and onions. Fried chicken served kuluyuk it was topped with the sauce and stir.

3. Carp sauce tausi

Lazy cook chicken, you can try tausi carp sauce. Fried carp sauce usually served with a splash of tausi. Tausi sauce itself is a typical sauce from china. For the sauce in this recipe sauce mixed tausi with margarine onion, garlic, chili, spring onion, English sauce, sesame oil, pepper and salt to taste.

chinese food new orleans

Third Chinese food recipes are easy to make yourself at home. The seasoning that is used for Chinese food recipes were also easy to be found in supermarkets. All the food was rich in nutrients that are good for the body.

chinese food near me

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