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Queen’s Tandoor Bali Indian Restaurant as a Choice What to Eat in Seminyak Bali

By : | 0 Comments | On : October 6, 2014 | Category : Bali

what to eat in seminyak

What to eat in Seminyak, Characteristics of restaurants and places to eat in Seminal very closely with various boutiques in Seminyak. Elegant, had a relaxed yet classy atmosphere, and the food was quality.

 what to eat in seminyak

For Italian food, enjoy one of the popular restaurants in Seminyak that the menu is always changing what to eat in Seminyak at Trattoria including Seminyak on Laksmana / Oberoi Street. There is also Ultimo serving Italian food at a price that corresponds to the size of the portion. Located at 104 Laksmana street, Ultimo also has a garden atmosphere and have an intimate corner table at the back of the restaurant. Prefer Asian cuisine? Try the restaurant in Petitenget Sarong restaurant with fine dining concept that provides Southeast Asian cuisine creations that have been created by chef Will Meyrick.

 what to eat in seminyak bali

You are reluctant to spend so much budget for food, try the Soho, New York -style dining is an example menu for example burgers, steaks, with a large portion yet reasonably priced. In addition, the atmosphere and ambience of this place is very casual. Fitting for you who just want to eat while relaxing and having fun and enjoying what to eat in Seminyak.

what to eat in seminyak kuta

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